Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WOK Sensory Perception Reflection


When I first started working with my group on the ideas of our sense perception presentation, I was kind of hesitant to share my ideas with the rest of the group. As we worked more and I got more comfortable with the people I was working with, I started to throw out more ideas.
I think my group did well with distinguishing relevant ideas from the not so relevant ideas. Many of the ideas and topics we decided to present stuck well and did bring up conversation from the class. For example the different illusions of hearing started conversation. The video on the different effects and illusions was a great activity on testing if our ears are always reliable as a way of knowing. I think my group and I found other great videos that brought up conversation. For example the video about the man who can see through sound. This video was great, because it showed how some people can use sound to see and describe things especially if that person can't see. However, I felt that we should've had more activities. We had many videos and examples, but a mix of on hands activities for class would've helped as well instead of us just constantly talking or watching videos in the class.
I felt as that I showed my weakness of speaking in front of a class. It was hard for me to get my point across to the class in my own words. I knew what I wanted to say, but my fear of speaking in front of a bunch of people overcrowded what my mind was telling me to say. I think that I should've of spent more time preparing myself to speak in front of my peers.
I think that some of what was said in class was off topic. The class started talking in individual groups a lot. My group and I could've did better on keeping the group together and keeping people from talking in their own individual group. I think that some of the side talk that started to happen during the presentation took out some of the time for the rest of the presentation and left us pressed with time. This is not at the fault of the class and not all the responsibility of the class to keep the lesson going, but it was me and my group's responsibility to keep the lesson going. We could've took more initiative to pull them back in and and keep going. Despite these little but important concerns, me and my group's overall presentation and ideas of sense perception was good and well developed.

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  1. Nice reflection. I agree that the sound part was quite effective. I also like the idea that you might have included "activities" --what might these activities have looked like?

    You can't take on all the responsibility of "keeping the class on task" - perhaps more activities and engagement (or more "structure") would have prevented it, but also the class should own their own disrespectful attitude. They are grown and should act right.

    I am glad that you found some measure of personal confidence, both in your group and in front of the class! That's like "risk-taking" and "Communicators" right?