Saturday, November 11, 2017

Personal Geography Reflection

Two weeks ago I created a personal geography. In this geography I express the importance of the places in Georgia in the way that I remember them. The mapping of Georgia was in the shape of the upper body. I did that, because the places I know well has significance to me and are apart of me. Therefore I mapped them inside the body.
 Some places that are mapped in the body is my house and the college I want to attend. I mapped these two places in the brain where they are separated by a small border, but connected by a bridge. These places are in the brain, because the brain is like my "state of security" and my escape from the rest of the world like my home and my future. Another place that I mapped is the school which I currently attend. This is mapped in the mid section of the body, I did this, because it is far away from the brain. School is not my escape from the world. Therefore I didn't put in in the area of state of security. I also mapped my aunt's house which I marked family. I marked her house as family, because whenever I visit her house and we have events there I feel connected more as a family. Outside of the body, there are diagonal lines that are marked as undiscovered. This is the places outside of Georgia that I don't know. It is located at the outside of the body, because the outside of the body is unknown. I don't know how other people feel or everything that happens outside of my person. Therefore it is unknown.
In the making of my geography, I chose to represent my shyness, value of family, importance of future. I illustrated my shyness by putting the school so far away from my "state of security". I am shy at school, but at home I am not which explains why my house in in the "state of security". My value of family is shown by me mapping the place where I feel more connected with the my family. My importance of my future is shown through me mapping my college that I want to attend in my "state of security" and connecting it to my house by a bridge.
My personal geography shows that my knowledge is more personal than shared. Other people may share the same knowledge of Georgia and where places are with me. However, why I remember differs from other people. For example, I remember where my home and my aunt's home is, because I have personal ties to those places. I better remember places when there are personal ties and personal history behind them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WOK Sensory Perception Reflection


When I first started working with my group on the ideas of our sense perception presentation, I was kind of hesitant to share my ideas with the rest of the group. As we worked more and I got more comfortable with the people I was working with, I started to throw out more ideas.
I think my group did well with distinguishing relevant ideas from the not so relevant ideas. Many of the ideas and topics we decided to present stuck well and did bring up conversation from the class. For example the different illusions of hearing started conversation. The video on the different effects and illusions was a great activity on testing if our ears are always reliable as a way of knowing. I think my group and I found other great videos that brought up conversation. For example the video about the man who can see through sound. This video was great, because it showed how some people can use sound to see and describe things especially if that person can't see. However, I felt that we should've had more activities. We had many videos and examples, but a mix of on hands activities for class would've helped as well instead of us just constantly talking or watching videos in the class.
I felt as that I showed my weakness of speaking in front of a class. It was hard for me to get my point across to the class in my own words. I knew what I wanted to say, but my fear of speaking in front of a bunch of people overcrowded what my mind was telling me to say. I think that I should've of spent more time preparing myself to speak in front of my peers.
I think that some of what was said in class was off topic. The class started talking in individual groups a lot. My group and I could've did better on keeping the group together and keeping people from talking in their own individual group. I think that some of the side talk that started to happen during the presentation took out some of the time for the rest of the presentation and left us pressed with time. This is not at the fault of the class and not all the responsibility of the class to keep the lesson going, but it was me and my group's responsibility to keep the lesson going. We could've took more initiative to pull them back in and and keep going. Despite these little but important concerns, me and my group's overall presentation and ideas of sense perception was good and well developed.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Smile Even When You're Feeling Down

A smile is an amused facial expression. It is used to show happiness. However, I believe in smiling even when you’re down. On the basketball court when I'm cheering on the players, I am expected to uphold a ravishing smile. I am not expected to carry that same smile around the school, but I do.
Before I developed this motto, I used to walk the halls and people would ask me what is wrong. People asked this, because my face looked like I was frowning or sad. Some people even said that I looked like I was mad, but most of the time I was actually happy. I eventually got tired of the consistency of people who asked me whats wrong or am I okay, so then I started to smile no matter how I was feeling. I smiled in the halls when I was talking to people or when I glanced at someone and they glanced back. The day felt easier when there was no constant asking of questions of am I okay when most of the time I am totally fine, so I've been practicing this motto ever since.
Smiling no matter how I feel eventually became muscle memory. When I'm down and having a bad day, smiling brightens up that day. It became more about helping others smile, because most of the people I smile at always smiled back. Also I know the stress that school brings is sometimes unbearable to students and teachers, but I smile to show respect and comfort to my peers and teachers. My teachers deal with numerous of kids who are all not well behaved, so I feel if one student looks happy and grateful to have great teachers, it will make the teachers feel better.
However, Maybe it's not all about others. Maybe I do it for myself. Maybe I'd rather people think I am okay all the time rather than them constantly worrying about me. It is easier to hold in my problems in than to put them on someone else. When I put my problems on someone else, I feel pity and sympathy. I hate these feelings, so I avoid them. Smiling helps keep the feeling of pity away.
Whether I smile to show happiness, to help myself, or to help others, I always just remember to do it. Either way I am helping someone. Helping someone through there day, Helping someone whose feeling down. I love to help, so I help by smiling.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is Apple Running Out of Ideas?

Apple comes out with several pieces of technology a year. They come out with iPods, iPads, and iPhones. All which can do about the same thing. They're all great pieces of technology, but seem that there is no big change between previous models and new models. So are they running out of ideas?


When apple first launched their first iPhone in 2007 it was something different and original. Then came the iPhones that were launched after that, and each iPhone got better. But in the recent years from 2012 to 2016, there has not been much of a difference. Since 2012 Apple comes out with this great phone that everyone loves. Then not even 7 months later come out with the same exact phone and advertises it as something better. When truly the price is the only thing that is changing.

For exampe the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are not really different at all. The iPhone 6 just has 3D technology and the iPhone 5 doesn't. But what is the need for 3D technology. It's not a necessity. The iPhone 6 is bigger than the iPhone 5, but size change is not a necessity either.

The more recent release of the iPhone 7 is exactly like the iPhone 6. The only difference is that it does not have a headphone plug, which is pretty crazy, because the buyers have to pay more money to get the right headphones that are needed for the phone.

The iPads have been no different. Every model of the iPad is the same. One is just thinner and lighter. And the other is just thicker and heavier. Apple tries to attract kids and artists with the drawing technology that is placed in the newer model of the iPad. But it is no need for that feature, because most artist are good with just a pencil and piece of paper.

Apple is coming out with ideas that are not needed. And is just making their consumers pay more for the same technology. They are running out of ideas and are making the characteristics of the technology seem cool, when it is just costing more. Why pay more when all the newer models do the same as their previous model.

Apple was a hit from the start. But we need to face that fact that Apple is running out of ideas. And the ones they are coming up with are just worthless and is a front to keep the money flowing.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is there such a thing as Doppelgangers?

Do we all have at least one person who looks exactly like us? According to science we do. At first the theory of doppelgangers was just a myth.

The history of doppelgangers started in the 1800's where cases started to pop up of people seeing their identical self. But in this time doppelgängers were a sign of death or bad luck. Even president Lincoln was said to have seen his doppelgänger. President Lincoln said the only thing that was different was that his doppelgänger was paler.

Maybe we are just one of the many parallel universes. It was thought that there were other parallel universes living right next to us, and that sometimes we could see ourselves in that other universe for a split second.

In modern time we think of doppelgangers as just a look alike. Not a sign of death or bad luck. It is even cases and evidence of look alikes.

For example, a woman by the name of Niamh Geaney did an online experiment to find her look alike. She not only found one but she later found a second look alike. She then made an app, Twin Strangers, that can help other people find their look alike AKA doppelgänger.

Some of the science behind this is that we are just configuration of particles and can eventually almost repeat itself but not identically. Meaning two people who are not related at all can look almost identical but some features be different like mentality.

I agree that every person has at least one almost identical look alike. But I don't believe we are in a parallel universe or that doppelgängers are a sign of bad luck or death. I believe that look a likes are indeed humans just like us. The science that matter can repeat itself almost identically makes a lot of sense to me, because there are over a billion people in this world. So why wouldn't matter repeat itself?

In reality, we all have a look alike, but no one is completely identical to someone. Even in these cases of doppelgängers or look a likes they both share the same feature but at the end of the day they have individual personalities.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Is stereotypes placed on women embedded in our nation's early history.

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A couple days ago, me and my peers had a discussion about stereotypes placed on women. We talked about how women are perceived as weak and fragile. As we carried on about the discussion and everyone adding on the great ideas and points, I thought that this maybe the result of our history presenting women as frail housewives and caregivers.

In slavery days most men were in the fields working, while most women tend to the owner's children and house tasks. Even when the civil war was going on, women were tasked with caring for the wounded instead of fighting. Women were not allowed to even join the army until 1917.

In western movies based on the history of America, most of the woman roles are as wives taking care of the children. In history, women were told to stay home, cook, and tend to the children. There were a few that contained woman as rebels. Those like "The quick and the Dead" were one of the rare old western movies with a strong female lead. This showed that in our history there were some woman who did not take upon the role that society placed on them.

Not only were women perceived as physically weak but weak when it comes to decision making. For example, women could not vote until the 1920. Women were not allowed to attend college. The first college didn't start accepting women until 1837.

In the 1960's women had to have their husbands to cosign for them to get a credit card. A bank could refuse to give women who were not married a card. Men didn't even think women were responsible enough to own their own credit card.

Therefore, this brings us to current time where women are still thought of as weak by a small amount of people. This is the result of history conveying woman as weak individuals. But most have come to terms with the fact that women are as strong as men. Which also is the result of our history, because of those women who decided to be rebels.

Even with all these stereotypes placed on women, they still prove them wrong by competing in the olympics, owning their own businesses, and being strong independent women. History tried to control women, but women fought back.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pokemon Go. Fun or Safety Hazard?

Recently my family and I were discussing the new game craze called "Pokemon Go". The question in mind was: Is this game all fun or more of a safety hazard? and Are the makers truly doing something to make it safer?

I'm not here to give the game a bad name or review. When it comes to the content of the game I think it is great. But the game lacks the component of safety. 

For example, a fifteen year old boy was struck by lightning while playing the game on Florida's Sand Key Beach and was nearly killed. The boy being struck by lightning wasn't the makers fault, but the reason he was on the beach was kinda their fault. Maybe it should be a way to play the game in the house when it is storming.

Parents trust the makers of games with their child's happiness. Maybe even a little to much. But it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I think that the makers of Pokemon go are convinced they are doing everything they can. They put a message on the screen before you play that says, "Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings." But come on let's all be honest. What kid looks or pays attention to messages that come up before the game? I know I didn't when I first played it. With that in mind maybe the makers need to try a different approach. On the other hand maybe it isn't even there fault.

In fact, Just the other night I saw a group of what it looked to be teenagers out in the middle of the night playing. Not looking where they are going or what was in front of them. Maybe parents should take into considerations the safety tips the makers of the game gives.

Not only is it posing a safety hazard for kids, but for adults that like to the play the game as well. Even though they should know better, some can't seem to follow directions and rules on a screen either.

For instance, in San Diego two men fall down a cliff while playing Pokemon Go because they were not paying attention to where they were going.

Based on all the stories of injuries while playing this game, I say that it is more of a safety hazard. And should have a more effective way of enforcing their safety rules and tips. Although this is what I think, tell me what do you think. Is it a hazard and are the makers doing all that they can do?